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Create a healthy, green workplace with indoor plant hire

Indoor plants add freshness and vitality to business and office spaces. Interior plants enhance the look of workplace environments and affect how people feel and function as they perform their workplace duties. Indoor plants offer amazing benefits for staff and customers alike, and plant hire solutions provide the easiest way to add and maintain fresh new greenery on a daily basis.

The Garden Path has been operating successfully in Sydney since 1988. We’ve helped countless offices and businesses transform and uplift their space ever since. We provide a complete plant sourcing and maintenance service for workplaces of all shapes and sizes. Our custom indoor plant hire service promotes a greener and healthier workplace in a competitive and sustainable package.

Create beauty

Attractive spaces inspire hard work and creativity

Improve air quality

Fresh oxygen makes a happier and healthier workforce

Enhance productivity

Green plant life promotes interaction and productivity

Make a good impression

Plants can leave a positive and lasting impression

Indoor plant hire is capable of transforming and uplifting interior spaces. Not only do plants look great and provide health benefits, but they also create an atmosphere where staff and customers are happier to engage and interact with your business. If you want to give your workplace a fresh burst of life and leave a lasting impression on guests, indoor plant hire is a smart and sensible solution.

Who can benefit from indoor plants?

As an integral part of interior design, greenery solutions can transform any kind of commercial or office space.

Office spaces

Modern office spaces are full of computers and technology, desks and chairs, and white walls as far as the eye can see. While all of these features are essential, they do little to inspire hard work and promote staff wellbeing. Indoor plant hire solutions are perfect for office spaces because they add so much without disrupting the overall design of the workplace. Whether it’s large plants in office foyers or small plants in boardrooms and private offices, greenery is the ideal way to reinvigorate a tired office space.

Retail shops

The modern world of retail is incredibly competitive, with each business needing to create an authentic brand that stands out from the competition. Interior design plays an essential role in this process. Greenery solutions add life and colour to any shopfront, making it easier for customers to feel at home and providing a friendly setting for employees as they work hard throughout the day. Plants installed at a shop entrance or in a shop window offer amazing street appeal. A few simple additions can help you attract customers and create a more positive retail experience. 

Restaurants and cafes

The hospitality sector has been through challenging times over recent months. From small cafes and trendy bars to large pubs and restaurants, everyone is looking for new ways to attract and retain more customers. Indoor plant hire solutions are perfect for restaurants and other hospitality venues because they help to create an inviting atmosphere with very little investment. Plants are a great way to refresh waiting areas, seating areas, and even restrooms, with just a few simple additions able to leave a positive lasting impression.

Three simple steps for a greener workplace

Step 1

Contact our team of plant-loving experts. We will listen to your needs, ask about your goals, and arrange an on-site meeting to find the best solutions. We recommend suitable plants and containers based on your tastes, your budget, and the details of your space and available lighting.

Step 2

Once we have seen your workplace in person, we will construct a plant plan and send you a written proposal with all the details. We will highlight recommended plants and containers based on our friendly discussion and site visit. We will include an interior plant rental quote at this stage.

Step 3

If you choose to accept our proposal, we will arrange a suitable time to install the plants and containers. Our friendly service team will visit every fortnight to water, fertilise, and prune your plants. We will rotate plants with nursery stock when necessary to keep them in tip-top shape.

Get in touch

The Garden Path has been working hard to transform Sydney businesses with greenery since 1988. For more than three decades, we have helped countless organisations grow with interior plant rental and maintenance solutions. If you’re looking for office plant hire in Sydney to give your workplace a burst of freshness, we are more than happy to help.

If you want to learn more about our services, or would like to request a call back, please reach out to our responsive team. Simply enter your contact details below, click send, and wait for our friendly team to get in touch.

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